I love karaoke . I started working as a host in pub residencies because of my love of singing on karaoke , I have been collecting Karaoke CDG discs for years., buying retiring DJs collections, buying job lots of discs from eBay and each and every month buying the latest titles.

Karaoke Singers at a Birthday party
Bride At Her Wedding Singing On Karaoke
Duets Welcome Due to Twin Wireless Microphones

Because I was a karaoke singer I see hosting a show from a singer’s point of view.

 I understand how frustrating a poor rotation of the singers can be, I understand that it’s not how good the singer is it’s about having fun and enjoying yourself, it’s about encouraging other singers who are shy, it’s about having the songs and the right versions of the song you want to sing. It’s about having a host who doesn’t join in and drowns you out but also knows when you would like help.

As a host I know how to set each song differently for each singer, how to alter volume levels as some singers are quieter than others, how to alter reverb and other effects or the lack of them for each song as every song is different. I have key changing facility so I can make songs fit better for your vocal range.

I use quality wireless and corded microphones and I have speakers that are not just disco bass boom boxes but ones that reproduce vocals faithfully all this means that my Karaoke shows are amongst the best in the UK.

I am a member of many Karaoke appreciation groups. So to me Karaoke isn’t a service to make a bigger profit it’s a passion I adore.

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These towns and Villages are all in Tameside, Cheshire, Lancashire and the Greater Manchester areas.

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